How Often Should An Air Conditioner Be Replaced?

How Often Should An Air Conditioner Be Replaced?

Many homes don’t frequently tune up their central air conditioning system, however you may prevent expensive AC repair by maintaining your air conditioner before it breaks down. Keeping up with timely servicing can delay a sudden malfunction, leading to an expensive emergency repair or fixing it before the worst occurs.

1. How Often Should Your AC Unit be Replaced?

Unexpected breakdowns can happen with air conditioners, but they can also last surprisingly long. Unless you have issues with the unit, an AC unit should last between 10 and 15 years before needing replacement. Once the weather becomes chilly, maintain the unit and store it properly. 

You can reinstall your AC unit in the spring if you keep it in a quiet, cool, and uncrowded area of your house. Always seek professional guidance before replacing your AC unit and only trust qualified technicians performing quality AC servicing in Delaware and Eastern Shore Maryland.

2. Signs Your Cooling System Needs to be Replaced Immediately:

Air conditioning replacement in Hartly might be more cost-effective than paying for every tiny repair, especially if your unit is 10+ years old. 

  • You pay a lot for energy

Older AC units degrade in efficiency as they get older and malfunction. It implies that they use more energy to chill your home, increasing your monthly utility costs. Your AC’s SEER rating will also be relatively low if it is over 10  years old.

Air conditioners are designed to chill and dry out the air in your home. Therefore, if your home seems humid, it may indicate that your AC needs to be repaired or requires air conditioning replacement in Hartly.

  • The size of your house has changed

The design of your home affects the size of the air conditioner you require. A too-small air conditioner won’t be able to cool your house adequately and won’t survive long. A too-large AC will short cycle, reducing the AC unit’s lifespan.

3. The Price of Replacing an AC Depends on the Following:

The size of your air conditioner will significantly influence the installation cost. Your AC unit will cost more the larger it is (in tons).

This is another element influencing its price. The cost of an air conditioner increases with its efficiency.

  • Straight cool versus heat pump air conditioning

Straight cool is more affordable than heat pumps. In the winter, heat pumps also provide heating.

  • The AC options you select

Similar to options you might add on when purchasing a new automobile, air conditioners have a variety of functions. Certain AC features will increase your overall out-of-pocket costs.

  • The warranty that you select

The warranty will cost more the more comprehensive it is. The compressor, condenser coil, and connecting tubing are usually covered by the warranties typically provided by air conditioner manufacturers.

  • Additional installation costs

In addition to the price of a new air conditioner, other installation charges depend on things like obtaining permits, the ducting already in your home, and accessibility.

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