What To Do If Your Heat Suddenly Stops Working This Winter

What To Do If Your Heat Suddenly Stops Working This Winter

Without proper central heating in your home, it would be difficult to endure winter. Temperature management problems can arise when the heater stops working—due to an older system, a faulty thermostat, or something more serious. You can check the simpler issues on your own simply by observing a few things, which are detailed below. However, if it’s a severe issue or you’re not comfortable checking something specific on your own, you can contact our professionals at Air Doctorx Heating & Air Conditioning for heating repair services in Delaware and Eastern Shore Maryland.

Things to do if the heater stops working.

Ensure that the pilot light is on

A pilot light is incorporated into the design of some gas or other combustion fuel-using furnaces. Whether the model is old or modern, if the flame goes out, there will be no heat because the ignition is typically computerized. When you turn on your furnace, ensure it is still lit if it has a pilot light.

There could probably be an issue with the thermocouple. The orifice could be clogged or jammed, or the flame is set to an insufficiently low level. The safety valve may be faulty if none of these appear to be the problem. You’ll only need a match or a grill lighter to relight the pilot. If this doesn’t work, the best solution is to call us at (302) 492-1333 for furnace replacement in Hartley.

Check the thermostat

Another common issue homeowners see is that the thermostat does not activate the heating system. In most circumstances, the issue can be traced back to a malfunctioning thermostat or an inaccurately programmed device setting. The thermostat of your HVAC system is utilized to control the quantity and timing of heat produced by your furnace.

The majority of thermostats currently available on the market are quite dependable and will, in most situations, give years of trouble-free service. At some point, problems will occur with every thermostat, necessitating repair or replacement. When you discover that your current thermostat is malfunctioning, you should immediately consider switching to a programmable device.

When you have a programmable thermostat, you can set different temperatures at different times of the day, night, and week. In terms of energy efficiency, these programmable thermostats offer a major advance over their non-programmable predecessors.

Replace the air filter

When filters get clogged or dirty, they can hasten the deterioration of the electrical components that keep warm air circulating through your home’s vents. Additionally, they can clog your system. If your heater cannot suck in sufficient air, it will face issues, resulting in the risk of overheating and shutting down.

When you replace the air filter in your furnace, you should double-check that the cover is firmly in place. The heater will not activate if the furnace door is left open. Disposable air filters are intended to be replaced frequently (every 1-3 months). If you have not changed the filter recently, you should do it immediately. If you’re unable to replace it yourself, give our technicians a call today at (302) 492-1333! Whether you need a simple maintenance appointment or heating repair services in Delaware and Eastern Shore Maryland,  we’re available to help.


During the colder months, it is impossible to predict when a homes’ heating system will malfunction. You should always keep the number of a certified HVAC repair specialist and call them as soon as you notice problems with your heater.

Contact Air Doctorx Heating & Air Conditioning if you encounter any problems with your HVAC system. We are the industry’s best residential and commercial heating experts and offer a number of services including installations, maintenance, tune-ups, repairs, and furnace replacements in Hartley and the surrounding areas.