A Guide To Resetting Your Heating System

A Guide To Resetting Your Heating System

A well-functioning furnace is vital to keeping your home warm and cozy during winter. Early detection of possible furnace issues is essential to avoid later problems. The reset button trip is one of the most frequent problems with furnaces, leading to the entire furnace going out of commission. Not taking any corrective steps could lead to an unexpected repair or replacement of your unit. Contact Air Doctorx Heating & Air Conditioning if you need furnace replacement in Delaware and Eastern Shore Maryland and the surrounding areas! 

Let’s look at what the reset button for the furnace is used for and what might cause it to be triggered suddenly.

1. How Can You Reset Your Furnace?

  • Examine The Diagnostic Light

If you reset your furnace, first check the diagnostic light on your control board to identify any issues. The diagnostic light on the control board will show the current status of the furnace.

For instance, if your furnace doesn’t receive the signal from a flame sensor, then the diagnostic light will flash in a pattern indicating that. Most diagnostic lights blink every couple of seconds to signal regular operation. However, checking your furnace’s error codes chart is essential to determine its actual status.

  • Switch Off The Power To The Furnace

If you want to turn off your furnace’s power, locate the toggle switch or circuit breaker that supplies the power for your furnace. Most furnaces have a toggle switch in the vicinity of the furnace. Flip the switch to turn off your furnace

If you own a furnace with no toggle switch, locate the circuit breaker which supplies electricity to the furnace, and shut it off. After switching your furnace off, you should recheck the diagnostic light. The furnace’s power is not on if the light is still blank.

  • Light The Pilot Lamp 

Switch on the pilot light of the older furnaces to allow the furnace to turn up. A modern furnace with a hot surface igniter will only come with a pilot light. If the pilot light for your furnace is off, then it is necessary to relight it before turning it back on.

After turning off the furnace, you should wait several seconds before turning it on. After switching the power to your furnace back on, check how it acts as it begins to heat up. Ensure your furnace is running through its entire cycle of operation or becoming stuck within the process.

2. Ways To Reset An Oil Furnace

The reset button for furnaces for an oil furnace is typically located inside the compartment for the blower. Please switch off the power source to your furnace before resetting it. If you own an oil heater, you should ensure you only press reset. The reset button pressed for an oil furnace several times can result in a fire hazard.

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