Whole House Evaluations in Hartly, DE

Whole House Evaluations in Hartly, Delaware and Eastern Shore Maryland, Milford, DE and all of Delaware

Here’s How A Whole House Comfort Checkup Works

Our Air Doctorx, Inc. Whole House Comfort Specialist will visit your home and – using advanced diagnostic instruments and testing procedures – will identify problems that affect your indoor living environment.

Initial Consultation

Your checkup starts with an initial interview, your input provides valuable information, such as whether any rooms feel clammy when the air conditioner is running, or if any parts of the house need to be dusted more often than others.

Equipment Inspection

The inspection begins with your heating and cooling equipment. Is it efficient, dependable and safe? We will visually inspect your equipment for any signs of deterioration, improper installation, or insufficient maintenance. We will also let you know the average life span of your type of equipment. We will also evaluate your system’s air filtration and purification efficiency, to determine if improvements would better clean your indoor air.

Insulation Inspection

Even the best heating and cooling system will have trouble keeping you comfortable or will cost more to run if you don’t have enough insulation. We will visually inspect insulation levels throughout your home and determine if they meet currently recommended levels. More importantly, we will look for hidden defects, such as hollow wall cavities, that allow air and heat to bypass your insulation. Attic ventilation levels will also be checked.

Infiltrometer™ Blower Door Test

All houses should have some air leakage but most leak too much. Symptoms of excessive leakage include uneven temperatures throughout the house, wasted energy, excessive dust, cold drafts, dry air in winter, and clammy air in summer. On the other hand, some homes are too airtight and may have unhealthy indoor air.
To measure a home’s airtightness, Department of Energy scientists at Princeton University invented the blower door instrument. It is often featured in magazines and on television, including National Geographic, Better Homes and Gardens, Popular Science, and This Old House. Using an Infiltrometer™ (a computerized blower door system) your Air Doctorx, Inc. will evaluate how leaky or airtight your entire home is, and where improvements can be made.

Air Leakage Evaluation

Not all air leaks are created equal. From an air quality standpoint, those around your windows and doors are good leaks, since they let in fresh outdoor air. Bad leaks let in dusty, moldy or polluted air from your attic, garage, or crawl space. Leaky air ducts often bring in dirty air, and cause your heating and cooling equipment to perform well below peak efficiency. As part of the Infiltrometer™ blower door test, Air Doctorx, Inc. will pinpoint where your home’s worst air leaks are, and where improvements can be made.

Air Flow Diagnosis

If your air duct system has hidden design flaws or blockages, your air flow will be restricted or unevenly distributed. This wastes your money and can make your home uncomfortable. Studies conducted for electric utilities nationwide show that over 66% of heat pumps and air conditioners suffer from this problem. As a part of our evaluation Air Doctorx, Inc. will conduct ‘static pressure’ tests – like a blood pressure check for your ducts – to reveal any hidden blockages or design problems.

You will be provided with a written evaluation of your home that will show you the overall performance of your home. We will also pinpoint the areas of concern and offer the best solution for your individual home.

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