Gas Furnaces in Hartly, DE

Gas Furnaces in Hartly, DE

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Units with variable heating stages have more precise temperature control and operate more efficiently than single stage units.

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PRICE RANGES: Price reflects the most common average installation cost in your area based on a 3 ton unit. Price ranges shall apply to basic installation. All price ranges are subject to adjustment based on the unique characteristics and location (i.e. zip code) of the home. Any changes or modifications to Basic Installation agreed upon by Buyer will be an additional cost as negotiated by Buyer and the independent Trane Comfort Specialist™ including ductwork. See more details

Our quietest furnace combines high energy efficiency with noise reducing technology for complete comfort

  • Patented Vortica™II variable speed blower and variable speed draft inducer delivers maximum efficiency with very little sound
  • ENERGY STAR rated furnace rated up to 97% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE)
  • Comfort-R™ enhanced dehumidification mode reduces home humidity level in summer
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ENERGY STAR Qualified*

Efficient performance
The S9V2-VS furnace includes features to maximize your home efficiency in both heating and the cooling seasons. During the winter, this ENERGY STAR rated furnace is rated at 97% AFUE, meaning it uses less gas to heat your home versus less efficient models. During the summer months, our patented variable speed Vortica™ II blower uses less electricity, meaning higher efficiency for your home.

Trust is important, and we want you to have a furnace that you can count on. This furnace is an example of the quality and reliability that Trane is known for. With stainless steel primary and secondary heat exchangers, and an all-new cabinet design, this furnace is built to last.

We care about your comfort, and this furnace is designed to maximize the comfort of your home all year long. Our two-stage gas valve is designed to operate on ‘low’ stage as often as possible, meaning it will operate more quietly and produce a more even distribution of temperature in the home, reducing hot and cold spots. During the summer months this variable speed furnace comes equipped with our proprietary Comfort-R™ enhanced dehumidification mode that helps reduce the humidity in your home.

Quiet Performance
Feeling comfortable and at peace in your own home is something that you and your family deserve. With a variable speed Vortica II blower and a variable speed draft inducer, the S9V2-VS furnace provides comfort and maximum efficiency with very little sound helping ensure quiet performance for your home.

Cleaner, healthier indoor air
Add Trane CleanEffects™ Air Cleaner to your system for advanced air filtration that removes more dust, pollen and other irritants from conditioned air for a cleaner, healthier, more comfortable home.

S9V2B040U3VS 40,000 3 Upflow/Horizontal 97 Yes
S9V2B060U3VS 60,000 3 Upflow/Horizontal 97 Yes
S9V2B080U4VS 80,000 4 Upflow/Horizontal 97 Yes
S9V2C100U4VS 100,000 4 Upflow/Horizontal 97 Yes
S9V2D120U5VS 120,000 5 Upflow/Horizontal 97 Yes
S9V2B080D4VS 80,000 4 Downflow 97 Yes
S9V2C100D4VS 100,000 4 Downflow 97 Yes

Every Trane furnace is packed with high-quality components. Each helps ensure that time after time, your unit will provide total comfort your family can rely on. The S9V2-VS includes:

  • Re-designed cabinet platform to fit in tighter spaces
  • Variable-speed blower motor
  • Variable Speed Draft Inducer
  • Heavy gauge, two-tone powder-painted cabinet
  • Increased dehumidification with Comfort-R™
  • Stainless steel primary and secondary heat exchanger
  • Insulated cabinet for quiet operation
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Protect your S9V2-VS with one of our top of the line warranties