AC Not Blowing Cold Air: 5 Reasons Why This is Happening

AC Not Blowing Cold Air: 5 Reasons Why This is Happening

One of the most uncomfortable situations you can face with an air conditioner system is not cooling. Since the AC system remains working through most of the summer months, you can easily tell when the AC stops blowing cold air. As a homeowner, it’s a good idea to know why this occurs. For any repairs that require professional assistance, you should contact our air conditioner repair service in Hartly. 

Top Five Reasons Your AC Fails to Blow Cold Air

There can be multiple reasons your AC can’t blow cool air when you need it the most. The AC system can have varied issues, from complex reasons, such as refrigerant issues, to simple reasons, such as dirty filters. In any situation, the faster you address the problem, the better it will be for the system.

If you notice the AC keeps blowing cold and lukewarm air off and on, the thermostat might be at fault here. If the thermostat setting has been set to ON position, the fan keeps running 24*7 even when the air is not being cooled. Such a problem prevents the air conditioner from operating independently. Set the thermostat to Auto mode and see if there is any change in the issue.

  • Clogged Air Filters

Air filters are critical for the proper function of the AC system. The indoor air remains fresh and breathable because of these filters. Since the filters work day and night, dirt, pollen, debris, and hair clog the filters. 

If you ignore the filters for a long time, the system can’t produce cold air and is even prevented from circulating it when required. Even though you can replace the filters on your own, for any complications you can always seek the help of our expert AC contractor in Hartly.

  • Refrigerant Leak

The indoor air becomes cool because of the refrigerant. However, if you find ice buildup on the refrigerant line or the outdoor unit or hear any hissing sound from the system, it’s possible the system may have leaks. This kind of problem requires professional attention. It would be best to call our air conditioner repair service in Hartly for inspection.

  • Damaged Air Ducts

When you have damaged air ducts, the cold air will escape most of the time. Now, because of the duct condition, two things will happen –

  1. You will not get enough cold air in your room.
  2. The system has to work much harder than usual to compensate for this loss.

The condenser fan is located in the outdoor unit to disperse indoor heat. If this fan doesn’t work appropriately, the indoor heat will remain stagnant, and your house will not have cooling from the system.

Bottom Line

If you find the reason for your AC problems before the technician does, you might save your system from any further damage. However, it is best to contact one of the best AC service contractors in HartlyAir Doctorx Heating & Air Conditioning.

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