Furnace Repair Tips That All Homeowners Should Know

Furnace Repair Tips That All Homeowners Should Know

A properly working heating system is crucial to the life of a homeowner, which is why it is important to prolong its efficiency. In addition to ensuring that the heating system works efficiently all year long, regular maintenance is needed. Contact Air Doctorx to schedule service for your system. We specialize in furnace replacement in Dover. Our technician can help solve the problem.

Signs That Your System Needs Repairs

It is important to know about the signs that indicate system repair. This way, homeowners can troubleshoot the problem before it becomes a major problem.

  • Reset The Thermostat

For your furnace, the thermostat plays an important role. In addition to regulating the temperature, it also controls the fan settings. The furnace switch should be set to heat mode when you notice signs of thermostat malfunction. Ensure the heating is turned on and the temperature is set slightly higher. 

Check the switchboard for any faulty batteries or no power. Make sure the batteries are replaced, the fuse box is changed, and there are no wiring or placement mistakes and clean any dust or debris. Contact Air Doctorx to schedule service for the best furnace repair in Dover or maintenance

  • Change Air Filters

Whenever there is a problem with a furnace, clogged filters are the most common cause. Overheating occurs when restricted airflow leads to blocked air passages, which block the heat exchangers. Because these components are all connected to air circulation, the whole house loses heat efficiency if one fails.

To check if warm air is blowing, change the air filter and run the furnace. If you can restore airflow, you will have successfully saved money. To increase efficiency, also examine the heat exchangers and clean the soot off of them.

  • Clean The Exhaust

As debris, leaves, sticks, and bird’s nests can easily clog exhaust systems, it is essential to get them cleaned. In order to avoid damage to the exhaust, be careful when repairing it. First, turn off the furnace and remove the exhaust duct and filter. 

Assemble the equipment after cleaning the debris with a brush or light vacuum. Turn on the furnace and check if the ducts and exhaust are working properly. 

If you hear any strange sounds, the system should be turned off, and a good technician should be contacted. A reliable and reputable technician can provide the best furnace repair in Dover.

  • Seal The Ducts

Due to short cycling and over-exhaustion, ductwork cracks or holes can cause system malfunction. Examine the ducts if you hear hissing and locate any broken sections. 

Seal the gaps with caulk or duct sealing tape precisely. Make sure that branching ducts and damper bypasses are working. Ensure the branching duct sections are intact and that no hissing sounds are coming from the vents after covering the gaps.


Contact Air Doctorx to schedule service if your system stays out of function after all the above-given fixes. We specialize in furnace replacement in Dover and promptly serve all HVAC emergencies. Connect with us at (302) 492-1333.