How Long Does it Take to Replace an Air Conditioner?

How Long Does it Take to Replace an Air Conditioner?

DIY AC installation tips and videos available online may tempt you to perform AC replacement yourself but before you decide to replace your AC on your own, make yourself familiar with its drawbacks. An AC installed without any experience and training has the below-listed consequences:
  • Electrical connections mishaps
  • Premature AC wear and tear
  • Uncomfortable temperature and humidity level
  • Unexpected AC damages

These are why one should always trust a skilled specialist for air conditioner installation in Delaware and Eastern Shore Maryland. Generally, AC installation takes 4-8 hours, but the exact timing depends on various factors.

Factors Upon Which Duration of Installation Process Depend

  • The size of the unit

The larger the AC is, the more time installation will take. The size of your AC unit depends on the length, width, and volume of your residence. A higher ceiling will require a larger AC unit size to fulfill the cooling requirement.

You can use an online AC size calculator or take a professional’s help to find out the perfect size of AC for your home. Calculate the length and width of your home accurately. If anything goes wrong with the AC size, it will soon need to be replaced.

The old central air conditioner takes more time for installation as the technician will also have to install the ductwork all over the house. If it is a replacement and ductwork is already there, it can still take more time than the ductless AC to connect everything.

On the other hand, a mini-split AC takes less time for a replacement. The type of AC also affects its location. Some AC gets mounted on the wall, some are attached to windows, and some are installed on the rooftop.

  • Installation at a new residence

If you are moving to a new home and you require a different size of AC for your residence, the replacement will take more time. It can take even more than a day to install the ductwork, copper lines, wiring, and insulation.

Only with the installation of all these components is AC replacement possible. Don’t forget that AC installation at a new residence also needs a building permit in some situations.

  • Number of AC units

The duration of AC replacement also depends on how many AC units need to be installed. If there are many rooms in your house and you want an AC unit or air registers in different rooms, the AC replacement will take more time.

Before replacement, consider size, cooling capacity, location, energy rating, and AC type. Understand your requirements well, and then choose the AC.

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