How To Fix An Air Conditioner Leaking Water From The Unit?

How To Fix An Air Conditioner Leaking Water From The Unit?

An air conditioning unit that drips water can be very concerning. A water leak for an AC is never normal and could indicate a more serious issue and may need to be addressed by AC contractors in Delaware and Eastern Shore Maryland.

You will likely cover your AC’s outdoor unit in a small amount of water. Condensation is most common when the system works extra hard in extremely hot or humid weather. However, the issue is serious if your unit is leaking buckets of water. If your air conditioner is leaking a lot of water, it does so regularly for various reasons.

1. Problems causing AC leakage.

Look at the following common AC issues that could lead to water leakage from your unit. You’ll need to get your air conditioner repaired for all of these reasons.

  • Filters

Clogged or partially blocked air conditioner filters can cause the unit’s evaporator coils to freeze and overflow the drainage pan, resulting in a lot of extra water.

As a result of evaporation, water condenses. When the air conditioner runs, water will leak into the room if the tray is cracked, rusted, or otherwise damaged.

  • Refrigerant

Low refrigerant, like a dirty air filter, lowers the AC system’s pressure, resulting in a freeze-up of the evaporator coil. Overflowing the drain pan is a common occurrence when the coil is melted.

  • Drain Pipe

Drain pipes funnel water from the air conditioner into a drain, where it is eventually flushed away. Water leakage is risky if any of these drainpipes become obstructed.

2. How to Fix These Issues?

  • If the drain is clogged, check the drain pan for standing water after turning off your unit. To avoid mold, clean the drain pan. Find the obstructed drain pipe. Next, use a wire brush to clean the line. If it’s clogged, you may need a pump or vacuum. Pour a small bit of water through it to ensure it’s clean.
  • For filter cleaning, ensure that any water drips are appropriately collected. Keep it away from your floors and walls. Continue with the filter cleaning after that. Before reinstalling your filters, allow them to air dry fully.
  • You’ll need to be attentive and precise to fix a leaking drain pan. After thoroughly cleaning the drain pan, identify the cracks with a flashlight and a squirt of water. Using a high-quality water-resistant sealant, fill up the cracks, then test the repair by drenching the area with water.


Prioritizing regular HVAC repair as a preventative strategy is essential. In addition to preventing water leaks, regular AC repair can also keep your system free of dirt and debris.

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