Should Your Air Conditioner Run All The Time?

Should Your Air Conditioner Run All The Time?

During the hot summer days in Delaware, everyone relies on their AC unit for a comfortable and relaxing temperature inside their homes.

Is it Fine to Keep the AC Turned on all Day?

Having your AC run all day depends on the weather and climate. During winters, you might not want to use your AC as much.
Your AC might constantly run on a hot summer day in Delaware, and that’s fine. Some AC systems have their thermostat setting on auto, allowing the AC to turn off on its own when the room reaches the desired temperature.

Reasons When Your AC Needs to be on all Day Long

Everyone likes to come home to a relaxing and comforting temperature during summer. After a long day of working in the summers, you should expect to feel relaxed when you get home, but turning on the AC and letting it run all day can drive up your energy bills.
Keeping the AC turned on all the time can also decrease the wear and tear of the system. As long as you get cool air, your desired temperature setting is reached, and you don’t have to pay extra on the electric bill, there’s no problem.

Signs you Need to Watch Out

If your AC never stops running and the desired temperature set on the thermostat is never met, there are a few other reasons which may be causing your AC unit to run constantly.

Temperature Issues

A lot of times, not choosing the right size of AC unit for your house can affect the airflow in your house. If your AC is too small for your house and doesn’t provide the desired temperature indoors, you need to switch it to an AC model suited to your house’s size.

Dirty Air Filters

A lot of people tend to forget the annual maintenance tune-ups of their AC. This cause the ducts to get clogged over time and reduces the efficiency of the AC.

Due to clogged air ducts and dirty air filters, the airflow is reduced, resulting in a high run time of your AC system. It may affect your utility bills. To prevent this, you must call for AC repairs in Hartly to fix and diagnose the problem.

Age of Air Conditioner

An old model of the AC unit can lose its efficiency over time. Even periodic tune-ups and repairs may not be able to fix the issue. If your system is older than ten years and you keep it on constantly and still aren’t satisfied with its cooling, you need to consider getting an AC replacement.


Many AC units are designed to be energy efficient and run at full capacity all day long. In these cases, if the AC unit runs constantly, it wouldn’t affect you. If you face any minor problem affecting the efficiency, you can contact the AC contractors in Delaware and Eastern Shore Maryland to assist you.

The Air DoctorX Heating and Air Conditioning technicians can guide you with the right AC system for your house and provide you with different HVAC services.