Sleep Well With Your Air Conditioner

Sleep Well With Your Air Conditioner

As you know, the basic purpose of your air conditioner is to maintain a temperature comfortable enough for you to stay indoors without impure indoor air and improper humidity levels. If your air conditioner fails to provide this, you should contact your technician for AC servicing in Delaware and Eastern Shore Maryland.

Your air conditioner serves one more purpose that several owners do not know. That purpose is a good sleeping experience. Sleep is extremely important as it recharges our body to work effectively and productively after waking up. You can manage your sleep schedule properly by using your air conditioner wisely.

1. Relation Between your Air Conditioner and Sleep

You should set your air conditioner at the right temperature before sleeping. The ideal temperature range is from 60°F to 70°F, and the ideal temperature is 65°F.  

You should know the relation between our sleep and the right temperature. A cool temperature positively affects our circadian rhythms, which play an important role in fixing our sleep cycle. If our circadian rhythms are proper, we sleep timely and wake up timely. 

When the room is cool, our brain signals our body that it is the right time to sleep. In case the temperature has not reached the ideal range. In that case, our circadian rhythms will be improper, and we may face problems like irregular sleep cycles and waking up at odd hours due to unexplainable disturbances.

2. Effects of Sleeping when an Air Conditioner Works

When it comes to HVAC appliances, owners should know about both positive and negative effects for the best usage of their appliances. 

In the case of an air conditioner, its air filters, ducts, and surface accumulate dust over time while working. If you do not remove this dust and dirt from the air conditioner, they may enter your body through your nose when you sleep. Dirt and dust on the air conditioner decrease the indoor air quality, and you may face problems like skin rashes and eye irritation if they remain. 

However, if you thoroughly clean your system regularly, you need not worry about this issue. If you or your family has breathing issues or allergies, sleeping with a clean air conditioner can help you control them through purified indoor air.

3. More Tips to Sleep Better

Setting your air conditioner at the ideal temperature is not the only way to sleep Here are some more tips you can follow for sound sleep:

  • Ensure you sleep and wake up simultaneously each day to maintain your sleep cycle.
  • Avoid sleeping during the day, or sleep only for half an hour if necessary.
  • If you are sensitive to noise and light, try using earphones and an eye mask while sleeping.


Your air conditioner can help you in several other ways that you may not be aware of. Let the professionals at Air Doctorx Heating and Air Conditioning  tell you about the various other uses of an air conditioner.

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