What Maintenance Should Be Done On The AC Unit?

What Maintenance Should Be Done On The AC Unit?

Our only expectation during hot summer days is to maintain a cool indoor temperature, thankfully the AC unit fulfills this expectation. Moreover, it also makes indoor air quality better and more suitable for our health. The most upsetting thing in the mid-summer is when an AC breaks down, which occurs only when an AC lacks proper maintenance.

There are Four Ways you can Prevent This Problem and Maintain the Efficiency of Your AC:

Change Air Filters

There are three recommended durations for air filter replacement.

Replace the air filter once every month if:

  • You live in a highly polluted area.
  • You or anyone from your family suffers from asthma or allergy.
  • You have multiple pets at home.

Replace the air filter once every 60 days if:

  • No one at your home suffers from chronic illness or allergy.
  • You have only one pet home.
  • You live in a less polluted area.

Replace the air filter once every 90 days if:

  • There are no issues that cause allergies or other ailments.
  • You spend most of your time outside and keep your AC off.

AC works more efficiently if filters are clean. Air filter replacement is essential for AC condition, indoor air, and your health.

Remove Obstruction

There should be no obstruction near indoor and outdoor AC units. Most outdoor AC units are installed on the ground in the backyard. Nearby bushes, shrubs, etc., can restrict the airflow. Prune them frequently. There are two advantages of pruning the vegetation near the outdoor unit. The first is no airflow restriction, and the second advantage is preventing debris.

Clean The Outdoor Unit

Most AC malfunctions are the outcome of dirty AC components. If we keep our outdoor AC unit clean, we can prevent maximum AC issues. To clean the outdoor unit, the first thing you will have to do is remove its cover panel. Then start cleaning the blower fan blades and condenser coil.

You can use a cleaning spray or a normal detergent to clean the AC unit. If dirt particles are stubborn and sticky, use a water hose. Protect coil fins and wires while cleaning the outdoor unit. If you find bent coil fins, you can straighten them up using a fine comb.

Schedule Seasonal Diagnosis Test

Contact a trustworthy, experienced, and well-reputed professional for year-round AC tune-up. Ensure that you don’t miss AC tune-up. It is the fastest way to enhance AC performance. If you get your AC serviced every spring, you will not have to search for AC repair near me during summers.

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