AC Installation & Replacement Service in Dover, DE

How would you feel when your recently installed air conditioner cannot provide you with refreshing cool air. It will surely spoil your mood as well as your whole day. You can easily skip this situation if you take care of a few things while installing your AC.

If you don’t have your ac installed or are thinking of installing one, read below to know what Air Doctorx, the finest air conditioner installation service in Dover, suggests.

Things To Do Before and After AC Installation

Our responsibilities do not end with ac installation. We have to take care of its maintenance before and after installing it.

Steps to Follow Before AC Installation:

  • Measure the area where you are going to install your AC and choose an accurate AC size
  • Keep the location for ac installation obstruction-free
  • Consult an HVAC expert to know which location and size is ideal for your AC unit
  • Choose an AC of a prominent brand
  • Make sure to clear the area for the outside ac unit too

Steps to Follow While Installing the AC:

  • Hire an experienced professional for AC installation
  • Keep the wiring of your house intact
  • Install the suitable insulation
  • Test your AC in front of the technician once done with the air conditioning installation

Steps to Follow After AC Installation:

  • Keep the filter and the condenser coil dirt free
  • Frequently clean the drain lines
  • Schedule AC servicing twice annually
  • Go for a reliable AC service company for both AC installation and servicing
  • Protect your ac from unfavorable weather conditions
  • Contact a professional soon after your ac starts malfunctioning
  • ‘Once your ac gets older than 15 years, don’t repair but replace

Things Not to Do While Installing an AC:

  • DIY installation of air conditioner
  • Installing AC where direct sunlight reaches
  • Not getting the energy supply unit checked before installation
  • Not checking the license of the HVAC company
  • Not comparing the various air conditioning models online

The AC installation process will become easy and smooth for you with these steps. Here it is mentioned many times to go for a trustworthy HVAC company. It is because a technician knows much more about AC than a layman.

But if the technician is not experienced and licensed, then this mistake is an invitation to several AC problems. For this reason, look for the reviews of the HVAC company online.

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